Hampton Lintorn Catlin

Announcing RubyFringe

We at Unspace had started to become a bit dissolusioned by the conferences we have been attending. Leaving us with the feeling that we really don’t like going to conferences. We sat down and asked ourselves why.

The result is that we are doing the insane task of throwing our own conference called RubyFringe. We are super excited that other people like the things we are doing and we’ve been able to get every single speaker that we wanted to have at the conference. We had a list of 10 “dream speakers” and we have all 10 now.

Check out the Rethink post here about it.


Feb 12, 2008
mrb said...
This sounds amazing! More power to you and I hope to meet you there!
Mar 2, 2008
bobby thoms said...
disillusioned or dissolusioned? see you at ruby fringe.
Sep 21, 2008
Tandy said...
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