Hampton Lintorn Catlin


I’m thinking of getting back to doing a podcast. I used to have a popular one.

I want questions submitted.

Tech questions are OK, but not preferred. I prefer questions that require opinion.

So, ask away if you can think of anything. Or if not, let me know if you’d like to listen to a podcast of me just doing my thing. Perhaps if you have enjoyed my interviews before or something like that.

Thanks, Hcat.


Mar 13, 2008
Jerry Richardson said...
I haven't heard your podcast before, but I did attend your RailsConf presentation last year and enjoyed that. If you put a new podcast out, I would have to give it a listen on the basis of that alone.
Mar 13, 2008
Jesse said...
Via your profile on your blog, are you suggesting Jesus is the best person in the world? If so, 1) would he be better than Zed? 2) what do you think he'd program in? on? 3) Do you think he would use haml and sass, and if he wasn't inclined, how would you persuade him?
Mar 13, 2008
Carl said...
You could always talk about OS X vs. Ubuntu or about the iPhone SDK. Do you still play Wii? The new Smash Bros. just dropped, so you could talk about the last one (*six and half years ago*!).
Mar 13, 2008
clem said...
job/stay current in field/social activism/have a life - mutually exclusive? pick two? three? can one of the *best* people in the world do them all? if so, how do you manufacture the time?
Mar 22, 2008
darden said...
here are some topics that I think would be awesome to have covered in a podcast: - the aesthetic organization of a rails app... addressing some of the stuff in this post by Jamis: http://weblog.jamisbuck.org/2007/1/17/concerns-in-activerecord I think pretty much any app that goes beyond very simple wrestles with the best way to take "convention over configuration" to the next level. Your thoughts on this would be very interesting. - when to monkey patch and when not to: i once heard someone at a rails meetup stand up and say "and we realized that we couldn't do that with activerecord, so over the next two weeks I hacked activerecord". This could be a) a great hack that should be submitted as a patch, or b) a scary mess that could break future compatibility or cause subtle bugs, etc. - javascript foo: everyone wants to kick more ass at javascript, and it's got some fun features. My favorite is that any existing method can be converted to a proc simply by omitting the parens. I'd love to hear your thoughts on how to take js skills to the next level and other stuff loosely related to client side coding. - a "best of the rails blogs this week" podcast highlighting what's new in the blogosphere, a summary and opinion on each of the things you selected as best. Sort of like http://application-error.com/ but audio and with more opinion. - "cool stuff people are doing with ruby/rails that you don't know about" would be a great topic. In general, the ideal podcast for me is one that makes me feel as though I'm looking at code and is highly technical, but that actually works as audio. Also, you might want to conference in someone from the rails-sphere for a bit to act as your friendly sidekick... especially interesting would be if that person offered the opposing opinion to things you opined on. sincerely, a future listener
Mar 31, 2008
James said...
Hi, I dunno where your e-mail is but you made a major bug in sass, div a , div .b => div a .b OR div div .b NOT div a OR div b The comma is tight binding. With that new bit of information you can fix the bugs you introduced using that incorrect assumption when using nested stuffs. Thanks