Hampton Lintorn Catlin

SimulSnack (TM)

So, tonight both Mike Ferrier and myself couldn’t sleep. Lots of crazy stuff going on today, so I couldn’t get my mind calmed down.

So, we decided to do the worlds first Internet-enabled SimulSnack. We both prepared Kraft Dinner literally 3,400 meters away…. while chatting. Now, that’s the future!

I think some people might not understand the full impact of what has occurred this evening. But, you see…. using the Internet, we both enabled our creation of Kraft Dinner at the same time while sharing our experience! Mankind shall remember the SimulSnack for many, many eons.



Oct 18, 2007
Robin said...
I've totally done this before, althtough no Kraft dinner was available so we used popsicles.
Oct 20, 2007
Hampton said...
A Popsicle is just *consuming*. We were using the internet to *create*.