Hampton Lintorn Catlin

Where is _Why?

_why has obviously decided to see if he can escape the world he created for himself online. I think its an interesting experiment and it happens to coincide with a similar experiment going on over at Wired with a contest to find Evan Ratliff. The whole contest is based on a really interesting article he wrote titled “Gone Forever: What Does It Take to Really Disappear?”

Is why trying this experiment himself? Why take down all the repos and actually hurt other people who were trying to use the software he wrote? Are all of us Open Source contributors and creators liable to keep our repos up?

_why has certainly put a lot of those questions to the forefront.

I think we are doing the right thing by not searching for him, but letting him be. If he wants to go away, let him. However, I also saw this posted in a Reddit comment chain.

        $ host whytheluckystiff.net
          whytheluckystiff.net has address
        $ curl
          curl: (7) couldn't connect to host
        $ host domain name pointer Cewki.com.
        $ curl Cewki.com
                <title>where's _why?</title>
                <h1>where's _why?</h1>
                <p>see: <a href="http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=773106">http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=773106</p>
        $ whois Cewki.com
        Registrant [350005]:
                Ken Jensen ken@softwaremasters.com
                P.O. Box 1592
                Ellicott City

And then you can checkout SoftwareMasters.com.

Obviously, this is was a breadcrumb left for us. Does this reveal who _why is? Or does this reveal that someone found some fancy IP tricks?

Its hard to disappear.

Also, before I go. I wanted to say thanks to _why for shoes (which got me back into GUI development) and for markaby. Markaby came out before Haml and it inspired me to think outside the box. So, thanks _why. Enjoy the rest of your life and thanks for everything.


Aug 21, 2009
Pablo Lorenzzoni said...
Now it is pointing to Rubyinside thread...
Aug 27, 2009
fwoncn said...
read this I got to believe someone is playing vanishing rather than ...