Hampton Lintorn Catlin

ZipLocal Launched!

I’ve covered this a few times on this blog, but I’m extremely proud to announce that all of these months of hard-work have finally paid off. Ziplocal.com has launched!

Today there are people out on the streets in Toronto handing out stuff about Ziplocal. If you see them, think of me!

We have a lot more stuff we are starting on immediately for the site and I can’t wait to get to blog about all the new features and some of the subtle design decisions that are unique to the site.

Also, this is AFAIK the largest deployment of Haml and Sass and make_resourceful ever!


Nov 1, 2007
Scott Woods said...
Congrats on the launch. It looks like only Canada is supported. Is that correct? Any plans to support U.S. locations? PS. Thanks for haml and sass -- they rock, and we use them daily.
Nov 2, 2007
Hampton said...
Its currently a canadian company only that used to be related to some of the local search publications in Toronto. There are plans for extension soon... and I sure hope so. Though, I will say, Canada is a fantastic place to build an app like this, since you can focus on about 3-4 major cities and really nail them directly. It is a bit harder in the states with all of the large towns.
Nov 2, 2007
Robin said...
Well I don't use make_resourceful, but my site uses a lot of sass and haml :P Forumwarz has - 59 sass files (4334 lines including empties) - 322 haml files (4460 lines) Not that it's a contest, I'm actually more curious myself as to how its size compares to a big site like ziplocal.